High impact webinars to help talent leaders add value to their leadership development, performance management, continuous feedback, and other important programs.

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Creating Accountability: How to Build a Performance Culture with Leader Behaviors

Accountable managers lead to higher performance, retention, and loyalty. This session dives into our research and equips you with solutions to drive a culture where high-performers thrive.

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Close The Loop: Launch a Feedback Program in 30 Days

Learn how to design, plan, and launch an effective feedback program in under 30 days.

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From Insight To Change: How Continuous Feedback Fuels High Performance

Learn from leaders at Google, Rhabit, and Workr Beeing about why continuous feedback in a business imperitive.

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Caring Leadership for the High Performing Organization

Joe Dicianno of UPMC shares the steps to becoming a caring leader, using his new book as a guide.

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Introduction to Modern Performance Management

Rhabit co-founder Kevin Kelly walks you through how to redesign performance management to keep up with modern demands.

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Reinventing The 360: A Talent Leader Roundtable

We invited I-O Psychologists from Nike, Arconic, and Rhabit Analytics to strategize how to improve the 360.