High impact webinars to help talent leaders add value to their leadership development, performance management, continuous feedback, and other important programs.

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Close The Loop: Launch a Feedback Program in 30 Days

Join us on May 25th at 2pm ET to learn how to design, plan, and launch an effective feedback program in under 30 days. The experts at Rhabit will be sharing their tried and true methods for gaining adoption, collecting feedback, and rolling out a psychologically safe multi-rater feedback program.

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From Insight To Change: How Continuous Feedback Fuels High Performance

Learn from leaders at Google, Rhabit, and Workr Beeing about why continuous feedback in a business imperitive.

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Caring Leadership for the High Performing Organization

Joe Dicianno of UPMC shares the steps to becoming a caring leader, using his new book as a guide.

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Introduction to Modern Performance Management

Rhabit co-founder Kevin Kelly walks you through how to redesign performance management to keep up with modern demands.

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Reinventing The 360: A Talent Leader Roundtable

We invited I-O Psychologists from Nike, Arconic, and Rhabit Analytics to strategize how to improve the 360.