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Rhabit combines the latest research in organizational psychology with beautiful, human-centered software to unlock the power of continuous employee feedback.

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Rhabit Analytics makes Talent Management easy

Watch your employees grow to be their best with Rhabit's simple, beautiful feedback solutions.

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Rhabit Reflect
Leadership Development

Develop a culture of self-aware leaders with Rhabit's behavior based feedback.

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Rhabit Perform
Performance Management

Build and drive a high performance work culture from the ground up with Rhabit.

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Rhabit Engage
Employee Engagement

Set up a best in class employee engagement program with Rhabit.

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From a simple process, comes incredible insights

A few swipes are all it takes for employees to provide helpful feedback to managers, teammates, and the organization.


Rhabit collects 30+ objective, actionable data points per employee in less than 1 min per week.

Easy to use

Rhabit is a responsive web application that requires no logins or passwords, and can be used on any mobile or desktop device.

The Rhabit Analytics difference

Rhabit applies science and technology to Talent Management

Behavior Based

Rhabit focuses on small, observable behaviors.

Psychologically Safe

Rhabit's feedback process is objective and anonymous.

Custom HR Analytics

Custom built dashboards for  your organization's needs.

Global Support

Rhabit supports translations for many languages.

High Participation Rates

On average, Rhabit clients enjoy 70% participation rate or higher.


API support to link & share data with your HRIS, SSO, or LMS.
Smartphone displaying Rhabit objective swipe card.

Create a culture of feedback

Rhabit's feedback platform creates communication and transparency at all levels of the organization.

Actionable feedback for everyone

Rhabit feedback gives participants honest, objective feedback and development tools to help them learn and grow.

Powerful HR Analytics for talent leaders

Talent managers and other stakeholders are given custom analytics dashboards to make strategic decisions based on objective data.

Align behaviors to strategy

Rhabit pairs fun, modern software with white glove consulting to create performance cultures people love.

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Rhabit on a tablet
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Happy people using Rhabit

Rhabit puts the power of feedback in the palm of their hands

Rhabit notifies employees at all levels of the organization when it's time to give feedback. They can select to get alerts by text, email, or messenger, at any time they choose. Rhabit gives everyone the opportunity to give feedback at the time and place that is best for them.

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