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Learn how to develop a program to increase retention by 10%+.

Rhabit research has shown that a positive and supportive work environment, led by effective managers, can greatly influence employee satisfaction and performance.

This webinar will equip you with a step by step guide to building a strategic program that:
✅ Increases employee retention from the bottom up. Everyone from frontline to senior leaders get a voice.
✅ Develops manager accountability behaviors proven to improve employee loyalty and productivity.
✅ Retains your valued employees, and gives you a roadmap to growing more productive, engaged workforce.

Building Engaged Workforces

3 key takeaways for attendees:

Easily develop the proven behaviors managers need to drive higher retention.

Learn how companies are implementing fast and fun engagement programs that foster high retention cultures.

Use feedback results to drive core values, retention, and employee satisfaction with real actions, not just insights.

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