Reflect's 360º feedback platform makes leadership assessments faster, easier, and more effective so leaders can focus on improving the behaviors they need to perform their best.

Behavior based feedback

Reflect feedback focuses on collecting objective 360-degree feedback on the key behaviors your company needs from its leaders to achieve its strategic goals.

Customized to your competencies

Reflect is fully customizable, capable of mapping any competency model into the platform for behavioral measurement. Organizations may also choose to use Rhabit's library of evidence-based habits to jumpstart a new leadership development program.

Gamification and Recognition

Reflect folds in elements of gamification for feedback providers and recipients, incentivizing participation and increasing positive sentiment.

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Powerful HR Analytics

Take your leadership development program to the next level with customized HR analytics dashboards, designed by your dedicated Rhabit Account Manager to help you uncover the unique needs of your organization's leaders.
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Accelerate Learning

Map your learning content from your LMS, Linkedin Learning, or intranet to behaviors in Reflect, and watch leaders take a proactive role in their developmental journey.

Unlock Hidden Insights

Leverage thousands of data points to unlock new insights to track leader progress for succession planning, high potential identification, prove program impact, and more.
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Northwestern Mutual Develops High Performing Leaders

The Learning and Development team at Northwestern Mutual, a Fortune 100 company, set out to overcome the previous challenge of the leadership development team: "How can we design a high-adoption assessment program?".

The Director of Digital Learning entrusted Rhabit Analytics to design and launch a pilot to several cohorts of leaders in just under one month, to yield outstanding results. Read how Reflect continues to help their leaders develop the behaviors they need to perform their best.

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