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Rhabit Analytics offers custom white-labeled talent management technology to help modern consultancies offer innovative assessment and leadership development solutions to their clients.

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Why us

White Label Rhabit for Your Consultancy

Rhabit offers customizable solutions for consultants to add differentiating technology using their brand voice.

Brand Palette

Rhabit is fully customizable to create a gapless UI for your participants. The user experience between your products and Rhabit is seamless and undetectable.


Dashboards are customizable to represent your metrics, language, competencies, and branding. The UI can be reconfigured to reflect your brand experience.


Notifications and Communication are tailored to your company’s email aliases, branding, and content.

Deep Dive

Reinforce your development programs in Rhabit using your competencies, language, and branding. Rhabit can also map your learning content into a participant’s deep dive to accelerate leader behavior change using your curriculum.


How DDI Partners With Rhabit To Drive Impact

Rhabit Analytics and DDI (Development Dimensions International) have teamed up to create the Leadership Habit Builder. Combining DDI’s world-leading leadership development programs with Rhabit’s cutting-edge technology, DDI continues to position itself as a vanguard in the global consulting industry. With Leadership Habit Builder, DDI’s consultants have a clearer line of sight into how leaders are improving over time, the impact of their programs, and a new product offering for their high-caliber clients.

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Unlock new opportunities and business potential with Rhabit Analytics

Learn why world-leading consulting organizations partner with Rhabit to drive growth.

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