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Future-Proof Your Culture:

How to develop a skills-based organization to drive retention, accountability and productivity.

Rhabit research has shown that a positive and supportive work environment, led by effective managers, can greatly influence employee satisfaction and performance.

This webinar will equip you with a step by step guide to building a strategic program that:
✅ Increase internal mobility to improve retention.
✅ Unlock the hidden potential of your workforce, and create an internal talent pool.
✅ Boost productivity and accountability by defining clear, skills-based performance expectations.

Build a Skills-Based Organization

3 key takeaways for attendees:

Create a set of skills to cascade through the organization to create clear expectations and align performance goals.

Learn to break skills into observable behaviors so each employee is aligned, regardless of location or role.

Develop a process to measure skills-based performance, and uncover new abilities to improve internal mobility.