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Perform is performance management redefined. Automate tedium. Simplify inputs. Focus on quality conversations.

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Simple, Fast, Elegant

This is the science of Performance Management designed for modern work.

Simple and Intuitive Design

Rhabit Perform is designed to minimize the input time required to create goals, assign objectives, and provide feedback on the work of your team members.

Minimal Time For Maximum Value

Users are automatically prompted to give simple updates on ongoing goals and objectives.  Keeping your PM system up to date is as simple as sending a text message.

Run A World Class Process At Any Scale

Rhabit Perform automatically collects performance data, sets up 1:1s, provides managers with talking points and data, and provides administrators with compliance reporting and analytics.


Process flexibility you into, configure Perform to meet
your needs

Whether your company is 250 people or 250,000 our tools, pricing, and implementation services are designed to meet you where you are.

New to Performance Management?

Start small with and affordable platform for simple goals and objectives.

Ready to Redefine PM For Your Company? 

Use 1:1s for regular manager check-ins and automate reviews workflows.

Time for an advanced PM process at scale?

Design and launch structured review processes with aligned cascading objectives, compliance reporting, and full integration with your HRIS and ERP.
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Automate the tedious, focus on your people

Spend less time on data collection and organization, and focus on building genuine relationships between managers and their team

Automated Data Collection

Rhabit Perform polls
users for simple updates
on a weekly basis and
aggregates their progress
and feedback on their
work objectives

Designed For Speed

We minimize clicks
required for creating,
updating, and
managing goals for
your organization.

Reuse What Works

Our templates and high
speed objective editors
make it simple for users
to create or assign
objectives to their entire
team or organization
without monotonous repetition.

Support Managers Where They Need It

We include web-based training modules, real
time US-based chat
support, and live training sessions to guarantee
your managers succeed
in your performance management program.

A performance management system designed for automation

Easy to configure and deploy.  Once your review process is setup, all notifications and reporting run automatically. Compliance dashboards and alerts allow your team to monitor the performance management process organization wide with ease.

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Measure the what
AND the how

Create accountability and consistency in your work culture by combining feedback on objectives and behaviors.

Track traditional PM metrics

Use Perform to track performance on KPIs, OKRs, and whatever objective based system you use for performance

Add optional behavioral feedback for cultural alignment

Pair traditional metrics with observable behavior data to include measurement on not just what's getting done, but how your team is aligned with your company's culture

Measure manager behaviors that drive retention

Create a culture of accountability with optional upwards feedback for leaders focused on key behaviors that drive employee retention


Performance that fits your company and your strategy

Use cascading objectives and related goals to ensure alignment with operational strategy.

Invested in competency model? Perform allows you to utilize your existing competency model for performance measurement.

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Full Service Consulting

Talent Management as a Service

Rhabit Perform is more than SaaS. Our team supports you with full project and implementation planning, helping you create great communication plans and arms you with the change management strategies to not only make Rhabit successful, but sustain long term success.

Our goal is to be an extension of your talent organization and a trusted partner from day one forward.

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Translated to Any Language

Your team, their words

Rhabit's content is translated into a variety of languages off the shelf and our platform supports delivering a fully translated user experience in any language your workforce utilizes.

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Support for Customized Content

We help coordinate the translation of your customized content to fit your workforce's needs.

Truly Global Platform

Our systems are available world wide and comply with the international standards global companies expect, such at GDPR.

Collect Data in One Language, Visualize
in Another

Our scoring and feedback system presents reports and data that can be shared in different languages, regardless of the collection language.

Multiple Languages,
One Price

Customers who utilize our pre-build behavioral models and measurement items get multiple language translations included with their subscription.


Microsoft PowerBI



Microsoft Teams



Azure AD



Smartphone displaying Rhabit communication habit swipe card.

Seamless integration and
enterprise-ready to security

Perform integrates with all major HRIS platforms to help you get the most out of your people analytics data.

Communication is critical and Rhabit Perform comes ready to integrate with your communication platforms including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp.

Use our data visualization or bring your own through integrations with platforms like Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Vizier etc.

Use your SSO platform to integrate Rhabit's platform into your identify management strategy through platforms such as Okta, Azure AD, OneLogin, and JumpCloud.

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Rhabit delivers a complete Talent Management platform

Learn more about Rhabit's solutions to discover how we can help you build a better workplace.

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