Build a culture of performance with Rhabit's 1:1 and Objectives tools. Improve transparency, drive accountability, and measure productivity with Rhabit's easy to use Performance Management platform.

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Make Performance Management a process that everyone will love

Rhabit Analytics makes giving performance feedback fast, psychologically safe, and fun. Employees will love giving feedback in Rhabit, and managers are given the tools to become coaches.

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Performance is more than just metrics

Align Behaviors to Objectives and watch your organization's performance improve.

Focus on competencies

Measure employee behaviors to understand how they are achieving goals, and know who is (and isn't) living your values.

Frequent check-ins without the hassle

Rhabit's fast and frequent check-in process lets employees signal how they are performing to their goals.


Rhabit makes it easy to build a culture of feedback


Rhabit feedback comes from multiple sources with a focus on both objectives and behaviors.


Rhabit collects small amounts of information frequently, avoiding pitfalls such as recency bias.


We've automated the entire process so you can focus on what truly matters – your employees.
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High impact performance management tools

With Rhabit, you provide each and every employee with a clear line of sight between their daily efforts and the overall strategy of the organization.


Rhabit automates 1:1s so that managers can focus on quality conversations, rather than taking time to dig through emails and fill out cumbersome forms.

Our guides provide the framework to create high-impact conversations, transforming managers into coaches.


Employees create their own goals, tie them to company objectives, and understand how their performance impacts the success of the organization.

Managers can quickly and easily track their team's goal progress, and administrators have the tools needed for a robust performance management process.

Visualize organizational performance in one simple dashboard.

Talent Managers can visualize areas of opportunity and success with their customized Rhabit analytics dashboards. No two organizations are the same, so we give you the tools to focus on the outcomes most important to your organization's success.


Rhabit delivers a complete Talent Management platform

Learn more about Rhabit's solutions to discover how we can help you build a better workplace.

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