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Meet the platform that drives high employee retention and engagement like nothing you've ever seen.

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Our Technology

Engagement that is fast, frequent, and easy to use

Survey fatigue and low participation rates are thing of the past.

Frequent Sampling

Rhabit's lightweight weekly surveying tool transforms engagement from a time bound, annual event to an ongoing part of a company's culture.

Change Over Time

Rhabit’s technology delivers a constant stream of employee listening data that helps you understand not just where your company is today, but how it’s changing over time. 

Works on Any Device

Rhabit's technology can be used on any device, including kiosks in production environments.

Our Technology

Rhabit simplifies your data so you can focus on culture.

Rhabit's engagement dashboards aggregate and visualize employee sentiments so talent managers can focus on creating lasting culture change. Identify what leader behaviors impact engagement, know what areas need improvement, and quickly intervene with Rhabit's real-time engagement reporting.

Keyboard on desk with smartphone displaying Rhabit DEI swipe card.
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Full Service Consulting

We're along for the ride

We’re not a SaaS solution that gives you a tool without the skills to make it successful. Our team supports you full project and implementation planning, helping you create great communication plans and arms you with the change management strategies to not only make Rhabit successful, but sustain long term success.

Our goal is to be an extension of your talent organization and a trusted partner from day one forward.

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Translated to Any Language

Your team, their words

Rhabit's content is translated into a variety of languages off the shelf and our platform supports delivering a fully translated user experience in any language your workforce utilizes.

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Psychologically Safe

Empower your employees

Continuous Feedback

Fosters improvement

Longitudinal Reporting

Eliminate point-in-time reviews

Actionable Data

Address issues as they arise
Survey What's Important

Design and customize items and content to fit your needs.

Just getting started on your EX journey? We have a full library of high quality items backed by the latest research in organizational psychology and our work with high performing companies in the market.

Opportunity for Growth

Identify areas that are seeking additional development.

Job Satisfaction

Understand opportunities for retention and recruitment.

DEI & Belonging

Know if your DEI programs are effective across your company.


Stay ahead of turnover with key retention insights.
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Rhabit isn't another pulse survey, it's true continuous listening

Rhabit collects small, frequent samples to deliver real-time reporting about employee engagement.

60 seconds, once a week

Employees are surveyed with simple swipe technology to answer questions about Retention, Opportunity for Growth, DEI, and Job Satisfaction.

Rhabit is for everyone

We've made Engage affordable for even the smallest of companies, without sacrificing the quality of service. Our pricing model makes it easy to bring the most innovative approach to employee engagement into your company, big or small.


Rhabit delivers a complete talent management solution

Learn about how Rhabit's feedback platform creates a best-in-class talent management experience.

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