Engage your remote, hybrid, and onsite employees with Rhabit's fast and easy employee listening platform. Rhabit's simple swipe technology delivers high impact, actionable engagement analytics with your organization's most current insights available in custom dashboards.

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Give your employees a voice 365 days a year

Employee engagement is an important part of every organization's strategy, from attraction, retention, and employer branding. Discover why companies from the F500 trust Rhabit to transform their engagement programs.

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Engagement that is fast, frequent, and easy to use

Survey fatigue and low participation rates are thing of the past..

Frequent Sampling

Rhabit's lightweight weekly surveying tool transforms engagement from a time bound, annual event to an ongoing part of a company's culture.

Longitudinal reporting

Rhabit's technology delivers thousands of data points per week to help talent managers quickly address pockets of toxicity and celebrate culture wins.


Survey what's important

Opportunity for Growth

Identify teams or roles that are seeking additional development.

Job Satisfaction

Understand opportunities for retention and recruitment.


Know if your DEI programs are effective across your company.
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How it works

Rhabit isn't another pulse survey, it's true continuous listening

Rhabit collects small, frequent samples to deliver real-time reporting about employee engagement.

60 seconds, once a week

Employees are surveyed with simple swipe technology to answer questions about Retention, Opportunity for Growth, DEI, and Job Satisfaction.

Everyone gets a voice

Engage all segments of your business, including frontline and production employees. Whether your people are in plants in Michigan or board rooms in Singapore, every employee gets the opportunity to give feedback.

Rhabit simplifies your data so you can focus on culture.

Rhabit's engagement dashboards aggregate and visualize employee sentiments so talent managers can focus on creating lasting culture change. Identify what leader behaviors impact engagement, know what areas need improvement, and quickly intervene with Rhabit's real-time engagement reporting.


Rhabit delivers a complete talent management solution

Learn about how Rhabit's feedback platform creates a best-in-class talent management experience.

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