Rhabit solves modern talent management problems.

Rhabit is a complete talent management platform trusted by HR and Talent Managers leading high performance organizations.

Learn why Rhabit's real-time performance management, employee listening, and leadership development solutions are changing behaviors and improving cultures in organizations ranging from 100 to the Fortune 100. There has never been a more simple yet powerful solution to modern talent management.
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Real users that love Rhabit

I enjoy this application

"[Rhabit] allows me to track my self development skills and improve upon them. It also allow me see my company's culture as a whole and how much we have grown over the last 2 years. Thank you for the birds eye view you provide. "

Escrow Officer | Mortgage Connect

Motivating tool

"Rhabit is a very important and motivating work tool because that way we can realize how we are doing in terms of our attitudes, work activities and the type of relationship with our colleagues."

Supervisor | Caterpillar

On to something special

"I fully buy into the Rhabit experience and think you are on to something special. It is not about deep analysis via a 360 process, with countermeasures and action plans but it is a quick data point (rating) on current events."

Sr. Leader | Valmont

Sense of pride

"Rhabit is a great tool to see how your employees really feel. This can make a companies employee appreciation be recognized. Very helpful and allows you to have a sense of pride when someone shares a great story or comment about you.

HR Manager | SMS Group

I'm all for it

"I really like the concept and very user friendly. Any positive influence we can have towards each other as a company can only make the atmosphere grow stronger so I'm all for it."

Engineer | Near Earth Autonomy

First impressions matter

"First impressions matter! Rhabit App is user-friendly and very intuitive! Well done!"

Senior Leader | Marken
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