Preparing Managers for Tough Conversations

Develop manager resilience and help them support their team during organizational change.

Managers are taking on a lot these days: Recalling employees to the office, layoffs, managing hybrid and remote teams, and resignations, all while expected to maintain productivity. Without the proper processes in place, this could lead to burnout, disengagement or regrettable loss - in fact many companies are starting to experience these issues.

Attend this webinar to learn the answers to these crucial questions:
‍✅ What are the behaviors of resilient manager? 
✅ How can you give managers the feedback they need for self-awareness?
✅ How can managers effectively coach and support their teams during times of uncertainty?
✅ What are the processes managers need to maintain productivity and engagement after restructuring, layoffs, or regrettable loss?

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Decline in employee engagement after layoffs.


Lower productivity after a reduction in force.

Over 50%

Workers who are quiet quitting in some form.


Decline in organizational commitment.
*Sverke, M., Hellgren, J., & Näswall, K. (2002). No security: a meta-analysis and review of job insecurity and its consequences. Journal of occupational health psychology, 7 3, 242-64 .
Supporting Managers

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Give managers the tools for productive conversations during challenging times.

Support managers with feedback to develop behaviors tied to resilience.

Improve employee engagement and loyalty with continuous feedback.

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