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Develop key leader behaviors faster with Rhabit's 360 assessment and leadership feedback platform.  Reflect takes leadership assessments beyond point in time feedback to create stronger leaders and lasting behavior change.

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Build better leaders with behavior-based feedback

Rhabit translates your competencies into observable behaviors, collects multi-sourced feedback, and delivers leaders with the feedback they need to perform their best.

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360 reviews capture a point in time, Rhabit sees the full picture

In under 60 seconds per week leaders get honest, actionable feedback.

Behavior based feedback

Rhabit feedback focuses on the key behaviors leaders need to develop and grow.

Frequent, honest, and actionable

Feedback is psychologically safe and multi-sourced. Observable behavior change is key.


Rhabit creates better leaders with modern solution

Longitudinal Reporting

Leaders can track their own improvement in the deep dive.

Extra Feedback

Participants can request extra feedback from their peers.

Developmental Content

Integrate your LMS to map learning content to behaviors.

Psychologically Safe

Rhabit is anonymous for honest feedback.

Proven Impact

Understand what programs and vendors are providing impact.

Succession Planning

Identify which leaders are ready for growth.
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Leaders receive personalized dashboards so they know where to focus

Leaders are given multiple opportunities to grow.

Develop Self-Aware Leadership

Dashboards allow leaders to track their own progress with specific behaviors over time.

Shorten the Distance Between Feedback and Learning

Rhabit comes with pre-loaded developmental tips, or will match behaviors to your LMS content allowing leaders to improve faster.

Rhabit's leadership analytics unlock hidden potential

With Rhabit's objective, frequent sampling methodology, talent leaders receive meaningful data to understand how their programs are performing, prove impact, identify high-potentials, and make strategic decisions.

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Build a complete talent management program with Rhabit's suite of solutions

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