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Mastering Behavior Change:
How to Implement a Modern 360 for Lasting Impact

Design a 360 program that drives behavior change and create lasting impact on learners.

Rhabit research has shown that a positive and supportive work environment, led by effective managers, can greatly influence employee satisfaction and performance.

Are you ready to take your 360 program to the next level? Watch this dynamic 30-minute webinar where we'll show you how to master behavior change and create a transformative impact in your development programs.

What You'll Discover:
✅ Effective 360 Feedback:
Learn how to craft a 360 feedback program designed to help leaders with guiding their own development.
Psychology of Learning: Understand the science behind how people learn and retain information, allowing you to create behavior change that sticks.
Practical Implementation: Gain actionable tips and techniques for seamlessly integrating behavior change into your existing L&D programs.
✅  Measuring Success: Explore key metrics and assessment methods to track and prove the impact of your training initiatives.

Building Engaged Workforces

3 key takeaways for attendees:

Easily develop the proven behaviors managers need to drive higher retention.

Learn how companies are implementing fast and fun engagement programs that foster high retention cultures.

Use feedback results to drive core values, retention, and employee satisfaction with real actions, not just insights.