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Rhabit pairs best-in-class talent management software with white-glove consulting support.

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Feedback enables data-driven behavioral change

We built the fastest employee feedback software available and added ongoing consulting support to help you interpret your data and effect measurable change.

Psychologically Safe

Empower your employees

Continuous Feedback

Foster improvement

Longitudinal Reporting

Elminate point-in-time reviews

Actionable Data

Address issues as they arise

We'll partner with you to understand your company's needs

Our team of Organizational Psychology Ph.D.s and experienced leaders have helped both Fortune 500 companies and small organizations solve hard talent management problems.

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Why us

Why companies trust Rhabit

Rhabit is more than a feedback platform

Fast, easy, flexible

Rhabit's talent management software transforms 1 minute per week into 30+ objective, actionable data points per employee.

Gain powerful insights

Those data points are funneled into dashboards that are tailored according to the user's role as an individual contributor, manager, talent leader, or executive.

Users know where they stand

Everyone can measure progress and identify opportunities to improve – and talent leaders can create game plans that drive the behavioral changes needed to meet company goals.

Modern Talent Management

Rhabit is a modern solution for all types of workplaces: remote, hybrid, or on-site. From the executive suite to the production line, your people will have the feedback they need to perform at their best.


Simple tools to create impactful results

Rhabit's fast, frequent approach to Leadership Development, Performance Management, and Employee Engagements gives talent managers thousands of datas points per month to make strategic decisions about how to influence and change their culture.

Headshot of Joe Malory SVP of Commercial Operations at HemaSource.

"The power of data is undeniable...

"The power of data is undeniable, but data for the sake of data is not useful. You need relevant, digestible information to understand what is really going on. We have come to expect a lot from our Quality Indicator and Sales Performance dashboards. With Rhabit, I am finally able to get similar insights into my team and our culture."

Joe Malory
SVP Commercial Operations
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Graphic of cultural feedback values as displayed in Rhabit.
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Sample graph of a habit trend in Rhabit.

Build a better workplace with feedback from Rhabit


Evolve performance management to a valuable part of employee growth.


Transform your leaders with honest, actionable feedback.


Regularly engage your workforce to influence cultural change.
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