Employee Engagement

RoMan Manufacturing Builds a Highly Engaged Workforce

RoMan Manufacturing, a Michigan-based leader in power conversion solutions, takes immense pride in fostering a work environment that prioritizes its employees. Recognizing that engagement extends beyond surface-level satisfaction, the company actively seeks feedback through Rhabit, a tool that continuously measures employee sentiment.

While initial results in 2023 showcased positive scores in areas like loyalty, diversity, and leadership, the RoMan team embraced the philosophy of continuous improvement. By closely monitoring engagement metrics, the HR department and executives have spearheaded initiatives that strengthen communication channels between management and staff. This, coupled with a focus on developing coaching skills within the leadership team, has fostered a culture of inclusion and employee well-being. This commitment to employee development underscores RoMan's dedication to building a workforce that feels valued and empowered to thrive.


RoMan’s teams share a common thread: Great people. The sentiments related to employee interaction, manager involvement, and shared respect shine a spotlight on the values the people bring to work every day. From the Brazing Team to Sales, RoMan Manufacturing’s employees care about each other, as well as the success of their company - a winning combination for galvanizing a strong culture.

Engagement Sentiments:

In my company there are people who care about me as a person:  93%

My manager treats me with respect:  94%

I want to help my company succeed:  98%

I have at least one person I would call an actual friend in my company:  95%


Rhabit benchmarks each of our clients against similar organizations to help them understand how they perform compared to their competitors. RoMan’s managers exceed industry engagement benchmarks, sometimes in the double digits, providing a best-in-class employee experience for their teams. These scores indicate that RoMan’s managers understand the value of their employees, taking the time to acknowledge their achievements and to recognize their contributions to their company’s success.

Manager Engagement Responses:

My manager values my talents and the contributions I make:  91% vs 84% benchmark

My manager gives me praise and recognition when I do a good job:  85% vs 75% benchmark

My manager is actively interested in my professional development:  83% vs 74% benchmark


When it comes to creating a great place to work, RoMan outpaces its competition. Their workplace safety and well-being scores exceed the benchmark, illustrating how RoMan values its employees and their safety. RoMan employees consistently report feeling safe at work, and that their company cares about their physical and mental well-being, as well as their work/life balance. Performing well above the competition, it’s clear that RoMan Manufacturing is an Employer of Choice.

Workplace Safety:

My place of work is safe:  92% vs 83% benchmark

My company supports a balance between my work and personal life:  86% vs 72% benchmark

My company cares about my physical and mental wellbeing:  85% vs 75% benchmark

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