Employee Engagement

Advanced Manufacturer Drives High Engagement With Feedback

At the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, a CHRO from an advanced manufacturer approached Rhabit to deploy a COVID response engagement survey to their US workforce. This global manufacturer’s executive team was concerned about the health, morale, and retention of their frontline workers in their production facilities distributed in 3 regions of the United States. They knew they needed a fast, agile solution to capture employee sentiments and respond quickly.

The CHRO entrusted Rhabit’s continuous listening technology and knowledgeable consulting team to achieve this difficult task. Within weeks the first round of results indicated pockets of toxicity in their mid-Atlantic production facility, with high turnover risk and indicators of poor leadership behaviors. The Rhabit team worked with the manufacturer to develop a cluster of leadership behaviors to introduce to managers at all levels of the organization, closely aligning the habits to the organization’s core values.

These competency clusters, or Habits, were designed to help the manufacturer’s leaders gain new self-awareness about how they were perceived at work and can positively improve how they behave on a day-to-day basis with their teams.

Leaders at all levels were measured using the same five Habits to achieve behavioral alignment throughout the organization and influence the behaviors that lead to higher engagement. Over the four-year relationship, core manager behaviors saw up to a double-digit increase, and engagement scores directly tied to the leadership behaviors also improved, reducing turnover and leading to higher trust and job satisfaction.

Rhabit’s easy-to-use feedback technology empowered leaders to grow into more accountable, effective coaches, and the CHRO and executive stakeholders have full transparency into the cultural health of their organization.

Rhabit is now used globally, with highly skilled team members connecting with their international peers using Rhabit’s “High-Five” recognition feature. By unifying their leaders and empowering their employees to give regular feedback, this advanced manufacturer continues to attract and retain highly specialized talent to continue driving their organization forward.

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