Leadership Development

Rhabit was designed for high performing organizations eager to move beyond the dated point-in-time 360 review model.

360 Reviews Capture a Point in Time,
Rhabit Sees the Full Picture

Skillful and dynamic leaders demand leadership development programs that focus on continuous growth, improvement, and opportunity for the duration of their tenure.

For organizations to thrive in today’s environment, offering quality leadership development programs is vital.

Leaders Receive Access to Personalized Dashboards so They Know Where to Focus

Beautifully designed dashboards allow leaders to track their own progress with specific behaviors over time. Feedback is psychologically safe and multi-sourced. Observable behavior change is key.

Rhabit’s Platform is More Accessible and Scalable than the Existing 360 Review Process

By implementing a feedback process that is frequent, accessible, and psychologically safe, you can operationalize faster behavior change – and communicate its impact on the business – for the leaders at your organization.

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