Continuous Feedback

FMP (Federal Management Partners)


FMP Consulting provides solutions to complex human capital problems and management development, predominantly in the federal sector. With a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology into their internal processes, FMP engaged with Rhabit to explore how the platform might help provide their consultant teams with continuous peer-to-peer feedback. 

FMP knew from annual engagement surveys that their employees — bright, young consultants looking to grow — had a strong desire for more feedback. FMP’s HR team was also interested in exploring how micro surveys might help streamline their internal engagement processes and monitor how the Rhabit platform helped them deliver the feedback culture their employees were looking for. 

Practice What You Preach

Much of FMP’s work is focused on improving performance management and feedback for their clients. Wary of becoming the “cobbler whose kids don’t have shoes,” FMP is always seeking out the best technology to improve their internal processes. Rhabit ensures employees get the feedback they want at the frequency they need. “Paired with our strong performance  management processes, we’re hoping that Rhabit will help us fill in any gaps,” said Jessica M. Milloy, Chief Operating Officer, “We see it helping bring about the feedback culture we’re hoping to build here by reinforcing that value on a day-to-day basis.”

A Culture of Feedback 

Integrating employee-driven feedback into the work culture has been transformative. For FMP Consulting, the company-wide engagement and cultural health dashboard is integral to this success. After a few months of data collection, the organization was able to really quickly home in on areas for improvement. Having access to real-time data helped FMP Consulting quickly move to the impact phase without wasting time on the analysis. With the ability to regularly monitor ways to improve, FMP hopes to continue growing and evolving — for themselves and the organizations they serve.

Strategic management consulting firm adopts Rhabit to ensure their internal systems are at the frontier of emerging talent management and feedback technology.

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