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New Tools For The New Normal:

A completely redesigned approach
to the 360 assessment.

Rhabit research has shown that a positive and supportive work environment, led by effective managers, can greatly influence employee satisfaction and performance.

This webinar shares why modern talent management
teams are adopting new processes which:

✓ Continually develops leaders to help grow the behaviors
needed to meet the changing demands of the workplace.

✓ Promotes higher participation using new technologies to
gather 360 feedback regardless if the employee is remote,
hybrid, onsite, or across the globe.

✓ Makes 360 feedback faster, more frequent, and equitable to employees at any stage of their career.

Build a Skills-Based Organization

3 key takeaways for attendees:

Learn why the existing 360 assessment is falling behind the needs of the modern workforce.

Design a program that meets the expectation of the modern knowledge worker to improve job satisfaction and mobility.

Discover ways to capture longitudinal data to measure development, learning transfer, and behavior change.