Continuous Feedback

TrueSense Marketing


TrueSense Marketing works with some of the country’s leading non-profits to grow strong, meaningful relationships with donors. With a rapidly growing workforce and fresh HR leadership, TrueSense was eager to rethink its yearly performance reviews. They felt their current system was a bit stale. All of the appropriate boxes were checked, but these reviews often left leaders with lots of paperwork and employees with very little actionable feedback. 

That’s why TrueSense teamed up with Rhabit as a first step towards building a culture of continuous feedback and transparency. This shift is helping propel the organization forward by empowering TrueSense staff to grow and improve the important work they do for organizations helping those in need. 


TrueSense could see that many employees were hungry for more engaging feedback about how to improve and grow. Using Rhabit has helped empower employees and managers to become actively engaged in their own professional development on a week-to-week basis. “The people at TrueSense have always wanted that feedback to know where they stand,” says HR Business Partner Amy Hanrahan, “This is the first step towards really enriching that development. It’s no longer a one-sided conversation—it’s a two-sided discussion.” 

Rhabit has also proven a useful tool for new managers to understand how to establish a starting point for conversations around performance. Even high-performing managers have found that Rhabit gives them incredibly useful real-time data, helping them keep a finger on the pulse of their team’s performance. At the employee level, Rhabit’s suggestion articles help staff take the reins and steer their own learning.


Adopting the Rhabit platform was TrueSense’s first step in adopting emerging technology into their new HR methodology. Rhabit worked with leadership to support the transition with staff interviews, new features, and educational content — adapting the platform to support the complexities of the industry. “The teams at TrueSense are incredibly interconnected and collaborative, and we’re experiencing explosive growth, so I knew implementing any new system would be complex.” says Hanrahan, “During the implementation process, the Rhabit team was great about accepting my feedback and implementing my ideas to help support our goals. Overall it’s been a really great experience.” 

Non-Profit marketing leader TrueSense builds an even brighter future with a culture of transparency and continuous feedback.

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