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Cegos is a successful learning and development consulting company based out of the United Kingdom. As part of Cegos' Strategy to be more competitive for leadership development engagements with sophisticated clients, they vetted new technology to add to their offerings.They approached Rhabit seeking a transformative solution to pair with theircoaching and content service offerings that sought to strengthen leader behaviors, reinforce competencies, and enhance self-awareness for their clients. Using Reflect, Rhabit’s leadership assessment platform, an extensive development program for managers was designed and presented to a large luxury automotive manufacturer that was seeking a new way to develop strong leaders.


Even for experienced and established consulting companies, standing out in the market can be challenging. Cegos Was presented with the opportunity to pursue a high quality account and wanted to differentiate in comparison to other consulting firms. By working with Rhabit Analytics, Cegos was able to develop not only a unique solution in the market that paired their content with the latest technology but was also supported in the design of their marketing collateral and client communication materials by Rhabit’s team.  This allowed them to clearly position their firm as best in class relative to their competitors. When it came time top resent to their client, they had effective marketing collateral,  their own demo environment where they could show off their solution firsthand, and sales engineering support from Rhabit’s consulting team.


Reflect’s flexibility as a white-labeled tool allowed Cegos to craft a technology-driven solution that felt bespoke and highly customized to their customers' needs without Cegos having to design, develop, or support a digital solution. The quality and sophistication of their solution earned them a pilot with a marquee client, abrand known worldwide, and support from Rhabit’s team of organizational consultants made the pilot a massive success. The client is now expanding their engagement and Cegos has a new flagship customer.

From its initial implementation to its integration into Cegos’ Clients' core HR solutions and targeted initiatives, Reflect is proving to be ac atalyst for positive organizational change.


As a true hand-in-hand technology partner, Rhabit’s team took the time to meet with Cegos ahead of their client demo and help strategize an offering that would put them in the strongest position possible. The solution consisted of Cegos taking their award winning training and development content and mapping the key behaviors from that content to Rhabit’s Reflect feedback platform where leaders would firstselfassess where they thought others would rate their competencies and skills.Reflect would then collect feedback from their network of feedback providers(in this particular design,those feedback providers were the subordinates of the managers going through the training experience) and present this data to the participants through Reflect’s personalized dashboards.

Leaders would then attend a live training session where the Cegosteam would help contextualize their feedback and help them better understand the key actions that drove the perception of their team members. The training content delivered was tightly bound to the values and competency model that their customer was committed to support. The pairing of a novel digital-first,mobile friendly experience with Cegos’ content meant the customer felt strong alignment between the technology, the user experience, and their strategic direction as an organization.  This helped Cegos stand out among other learning and development vendors.


Their customer had reported that previous assessment programs had stagnated, participation and adoption were a concern. Rhabit’s consulting team worked glove-in-hand with Cegos to develop a rollout strategy that would ensure high adoption and ongoing participation of both the leader and feedback providers.

This strategy included:

• Development of a dedicated microsite for participants to swipe through and familiarize themselves with Rhabit. Visits to this training site paced the number of participants in the program signaling interest and engagement with the program.

• Personalized onboarding and training content to appeal to their participants such as interactive tutorials, short videos, and micro-courses.

• Announcement emails and other training materials to help familiarize participants and feedback providers ahead of the launch of the program.

Rollout was time-sensitive, and the program was able to launch in under one month.Rhabit's consulting team collaborated seamlessly with the Cegos team, ensuring the program's immediate success. This hands-on approach facilitated a smooth launch and enthusiastic participation.


Feedback is the most fundamental and effective way for a leader to learn and develop the interpersonal skills that make them effective in their roles. The more feedback that flows,  the more successful leaders are at creating an environment that gets the highest performance out of their teams.

The problem with feedback is that objective feedback is difficult to collect. The Two main problems with getting quality feedback are: 1) users who would observe the leader the most frequently don’t possess the necessary communication skills to articulate the objective, developmental elements of high quality performance feedback and 2) feedback providers are often unwilling to commit the necessary time and effort to provide high quality feedback.  

Rhabit’s Reflect platform solves these two problems with exceptional elegance.

Rhabit’s feedback platform focuses on observed behaviors. Rhabit ships with a comprehensive library of behaviors that are clustered into competencies or Habits as they’re called in Rhabit. These behaviors can also be customized based on existing competency models, strategic priorities, or the specific role of the feedback recipient. In the case of leaders, this may be by level of seniority. For example, first-time managers and executives typically have very different leadership challenges and will rely on a separate set of skills to be successful. There may be some crossover, such as communication skills, but competencies related more to strategy and inter-organizational connectivity maybe more useful for executives while budding managers need to develop fundamentals related to delegating work and supporting their individual contributors.

Rhabit supports these variations and needs for customization, and the organizational psychologists in our organization have the capability of creating or modifying models for organizations of any size and complexity.  Rhabit can lead or follow our consulting partners  in selecting or designing these clusters of behaviors for their leadership development programs utilized by Reflect.


1. User is created in Rhabit and completes the onboarding process, including a self assessment of where they believe their strengths and weaknesses are related to the collection of behaviors they’ll be focusing on.

2. Once a week Rhabit prompts and collects feedback from the leader’s feedback providers. Users can provide feedback via any device with an internet browser,including laptops, phones, tablets, and kiosks.

3. Initially, Rhabit collects a significant burst of feedback for the leader and shows them their current scores in these behaviors compared to their self-assessment.

4. Cegos delivers their live in-person training content that maps to the behaviors users are receiving feedback about in Reflect. Users also have access to digital content Cegos has designed that allows them to continue to learn and follow-up on the concepts they’ve been exposed to after training is complete.

5. Rhabit continues to measure for the length of the development program, a configurable length, but typically somewhere between 12 to 24 weeks. Users get regular updates on their scores and progress.

6. At the end of the program the leader is provided with a full summary of their experience, a rich report highlighting their journey and the evolution of their scores.  They clearly see how they've changed over time, along with a log of the different experiences they utilized.

7. Data from the different steps along this process feed a robust set of reporting, dashboarding, and visualization options available to the talent management organization for further analysis and to assist with program accountability and success.


After partnering successfully with Rhabit and acquiring a new high quality customer, Cegos continues to service and grow that account and continues to present and position the combined offering of Reflect and their content branded as a single solution in the market to prospective customers. The Rhabit team maintains a healthy relationship and regular communication with the Cegosteam, continuing to support them and their customers in any way possible.


The pricing model for Reflect is simple: Our partners pay a single per-user license fee for each user receiving feedback on the platform. Our competitive prices are similar and sometimes less than that of traditional 360 surveys, allowing our partners to compete on price and create sustainable margins that allow their businesses to grow. We also offer integrations, analytics, andsupplemental consulting services where relevant to our partners.


Working in learning and development services as a consultant? Connect with us today at rhabitanalytics.com/partnerships to see how the team at Rhabit can help your consulting organization attract and win amazing clients immediately with no upfront costs.

Cegos is a UK-based consulting organization using Rhabit's white-labeled assessment tools to measure and quantify the impact of their leadership development programs.

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