Why Top Performing Organizations Are Implementing Continuous 360 Assessments

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Your managers have the largest impact on your organization's bottom line, but many managers are promoted based on tenure or their skills in their individual contributor roles. This often leads to managers who ascend through the organization without having developed the key behaviors of a successful lead.

High-performing organizations are increasingly turning to leadership development programs to cultivate effective leaders who can inspire, motivate, and drive results.  However, the true power of these programs lies in their foundation: a successful assessment process.

Why Assessment Matters

Leadership assessments provide valuable insights into an individual's strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style.  This data allows for targeted development, ensuring leaders receive the training and support they need to address specific areas for growth.  A study by DDI found that companies with strong formal assessment programs were able to fill 56% of critical leadership roles internally, compared to only 43% for companies without such programs.

Historically assessments have been reserved for senior leaders, potentially exposing leaders to 360 feedback only once or twice in their careers. Until recently assessments only reveal feedback results for a single point in time, and were incredibly time consuming and difficult to parse through, with little follow up to measure for behavior change. Furthermore, this cumbersome process typically required bringing in external consultants that are costly and not necessarily effective.

The Impact of Effective Leadership

Developing leaders who exhibit key behaviors like trust, accountability, and coaching can have a profound impact on a company's bottom line.  Here's how:

  • Increased Employee Retention:  A study by Rhabit found that employees who report having a great manager are five times more likely to stay with their organization.  Leaders who build trust and foster a sense of accountability create a more positive work environment, reducing turnover and its associated costs.
  • High Performing Teams:  Research by Zenger Folkman revealed that teams led by strong coaches experience a 50% increase in productivity.   Effective coaching empowers employees, fosters collaboration, and unlocks their full potential.
  • Developing High Performers:  Leaders who prioritize coaching and development create a culture of continuous learning.  Organizations with strong leadership development programs have 21% more high potential employees.  By investing in their people, leaders build a pipeline of future talent.

The Assessment Advantage

The success of leadership development hinges on a well-designed assessment process.  By identifying the specific needs of each leader, organizations can create personalized development plans that address their unique strengths and weaknesses.  This targeted approach ensures leaders receive the most impactful training, maximizing their return on investment.

Beyond the Assessment: The Power of Real-Time Feedback

While a strong assessment is the first step, true leadership development requires ongoing coaching and feedback, revealing learning transfer and behavior change. This is where real-time feedback in Rhabit becomes the most effective solution for organizations seeking long term leader behavior change.  Platforms like Rhabit Analytics provide leaders with access to personalized dashboards that deliver data-driven insights into their leadership behaviors.   This constant feedback loop allows leaders to:

  • Increase Self-Awareness:  By seeing their leadership style quantified, leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Take Ownership of Development:  Real-time data empowers leaders to feel in control of their own growth journey.  They can track progress, experiment with new behaviors, and celebrate successes.
  • Make Small, Sustainable Changes:  The beauty of real-time feedback lies in its ability to guide incremental improvements.  Leaders can focus on one or two key behaviors at a time, leading to lasting change.
  • Drive Higher Feedback Scores Over Time:  As leaders develop their skills and refine their behaviors, they'll naturally receive more positive feedback from colleagues and direct reports.  This reinforces positive behaviors and motivates continued growth.

The Rhabit Advantage

Rhabit Analytics goes beyond traditional leadership assessments.  Our platform offers a complete leadership development solution that combines insightful assessments with real-time feedback and ongoing support.  This data-driven approach fosters self-awareness, empowers leaders to take ownership of their development, and guides them towards making sustainable, positive changes.  The result?  Leaders who are more effective, teams that are more productive, and a business that outperforms the competition.

Investing in Your Future

Developing assessed leaders is an investment in the future of your organization.  By creating a pipeline of strong, effective leaders, you foster a culture of trust, accountability, and continuous learning.  This translates into higher employee retention, high-performing teams, and ultimately, a stronger, more successful business.  

Don't wait –  start building your bench of future leaders today. Schedule a time to meet a Rhabit consultant, or watch our pre-recorded assessments demo.

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