Streamline your talent management processes with just a few simple swipes a week.

Rhabit's Chief Science Officer, Alexander Schwall, PhD, curates a self-guided video series to highlight the methodology, outcomes, and analytics of Rhabit Analytics' core solutions:
Reflect: A novel leadership assessment tool that reinforces key behaviors and facilitates learning transfer through continuous feedback.
Engage: Continuous listening that folds in elements of gamification and recognition, boosting sustained participation and longitudinal feedback.
Perform: A high-adoption performance management platform designed to automate needless tasks and increase meaningful performance conversations.

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User Testimonials

“Overall provides valuable insight for continued improvement.”

Provides a path for self improvement which can be used in business as well as personal social relationships. Scores over time show trends rather than quick snapshots. At times you can correlate life events with feedback that really show positive & negative influences on the group(s) interaction.

Rhabit User

Mid-Market Industrial Automation Company
“Positive Results.”

After the first 6-8 months, we started to hear out staff asking for feedback more in our monthly meeetings. Their comfort level with their management and ability to have us focus on them has resulted in increased production and much better team work. Trust has been built from top to bottom. As a manager, being able to look back at the monthly 1:1's and previous annual reviews (as we build them) is invaluable.

Mid-Level Manager

Mortgage Connect
"Very helpful tool for driving improvement."

Rhabit provides a great platform for receiving and providing feedback to others. It is easy to use, with the automatic email reminders to provide feedback to the company and your team. The additional features of 1:1 meeting platform and the high fives is also very useful.

Ian C.

Mid-Market Organization