Rhabit Drives
high-engagement manufacturing workforces.

Rhabit takes the pain out of engaging production and warehouse workers using simple, easy to use technology, while increasing trust and participation at the price of a standard engagement survey.

Manufacturers who use Rhabit for employee engagement experience 2.5x higher retention, better performance outcomes, and greater visibility into cultural health and workplace safety.

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higher retention
higher referrals
increase in accountability
increase in employee growth

Rhabit drives results beyond the annual survey.

Rhabit isn't another engagement survey where you receive an aggregate report with no support to move forward.

Rhabit continuously measures your ongoing cultural health, partnering you with a dedicated consultant to help you implement, interpret results, and action plan.

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  • Rhabit includes a proprietary library of engagement questions to help you get started with minimal investment of time.

  • Rhabit is mobile-friendly and can be pushed to any device, including kiosks, so you can achieve higher participation for more accurate results.

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    Rhabit improves cultures with built-in recognition tools, points-based gamification for participation, and a rewards shops to redeem earned points.

What real manufacturing
employees are saying about Rhabit

“I think this can be a good way to express to others things that motivate them to succeed.”

Outside Sales Rep

Southern Marketing Affiliates

“Rhabit has been beneficial to my coming out of my shell and getting to know my coworkers, thank you so much.”

Frontline Employee

RoMan Manufacturing

“I think Rhabit is a great way to receive positive feedback from your co-workers. Also, constructive feedback.”

Quality Inspector