Experience the transformative power of feedback

Rhabit combines the latest research in organizational psychology with beautiful, human-centered software to unlock the power of continuous employee feedback.

Rhabit Makes It Easy to Build a Culture of Feedback

Our process is unparalleled in speed and simplicity, works on any device, and has the highest participation rate of any feedback tool on the market. We've cracked the code on three core areas of talent management.

Performance Management

Track objectives, performance, and behaviors with an easy and automated process. Give managers the tools to become coaches.


Leadership Development

Empower leaders to take control of their own development with psychologically safe and multi-sourced feedback.


Employee Engagement

Give employees a voice year-round by continuously measuring satisfaction, retention, belonging, and other important sentiments.


From a Simple Process Comes Incredible Insights

A few swipes are all it takes for employees to provide helpful feedback to managers, teammates, and the organization.

Employees Have Access to All-In-One, Easy-to-Use Dashboards

Employees can review recent feedback, see their strengths, and identify growth opportunities. They can also create individual goals that roll up to their team’s overall goals.

Managers can review team-wide highlights, or drill down to understand feedback for each direct report.

Activate New Behaviors to Reach Company Goals

Rhabit goes beyond just a platform, pairing our world class software with expert consulting from day one as a customer, helping your talent management team translate data into actionable insights that illuminate not only emerging trends, but the steps needed to drive the development of high-performance behaviors.

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