Employee Engagement

Set up a best in class employee engagement program with Rhabit.

Give your employees a voice 365 days a year

Employee engagement is an important part of every organization’s strategy, from attraction, retention, and employer branding.

Rhabit transforms engagement from a time bound, annual event to an ongoing part of a company’s culture.

Rhabit isn’t another pulse survey, it is true continuous listening.

Measure What Matters

Once a week, employees are asked to swipe their feedback on Retention, Opportunity for Growth, DEI, and Job Satisfaction. Rhabit collects small, frequent samples to deliver real-time reporting about employee engagement.

In the 60 seconds to give feedback in Rhabit, talent leaders get thousands of data points to visualize and tell the story of their organization's cultural health. Rhabit's custom dashboards support business leaders to make strategic initiatives to shape how their employees feel about coming to work every day.

Transforming Cultures With Continuous Feedback

Rhabit gives talent leaders the tools to create lasting culture change. Rhabit Analytics' dynamic reporting allows for visibility into all areas of the business, creating opportunities to identify areas of opportunity faster, and influence change on a global scale.

With no deadlines or large data dumps, your time is freed up to focus on executing strategy rather than parsing through results.

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