HRchat Interview: Driving Results Through Employee Feedback

3 mins

HRchat Interview: Driving Results Through Employee Feedback

Rhabit Analytics’ Chief Science Officer, Alexander Schwall, Ph.D., joined the HRChat podcast to talk about how high-performing organizations are using continuous feedback to modernize their talent programs.

Alexander and host Bill Banham discuss how to build better leadership habits, how to measure behaviors, and how to create a culture of feedback and accountability. They also share Alexander’s findings on the direct tie between leader behaviors, engagement, and organizational performance.

Listen to Alexander Schwall, Ph.D. explain why continuous feedback isn’t radical — it’s a business imperative — and why now is the time to start building a feedback culture.

If you’re a Talent Leader looking for a way to build a culture of feedback, schedule time with a Rhabit consultant today. Need to build a business case to get executive buy-in? Read Alexander's article, "The Case for Continuous Feedback in Modern Organizations".

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