Workshop: Activate your Core Values

Translate your Values into observable behaviors to achieve culture transformation.

The new generations of talent expect to be aligned with the values of their companies. However Core Values are often considered an afterthought in many organizations, left to hang on a wall or on the company's careers page.

Why are Core Values an essential part of your talent management strategy?

✅ 42% of Gen Zers would choose to work at a company whose values they align with over one that offers a higher paycheck.
✅ Nearly half (46%) of Gen Zs and millennials in senior positions have rejected a job and/or assignment based on their personal ethics.
✅ 54% of millennials who don't feel heard will leave within their first year.

Interact with other talent leaders and reinvigorate your Core Values in this 40-minute workshop.

Join us on Wednesday, September 28th at 12pm ET/ 3pm PT.
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This workshop will guide you through the framework of building a values-first organization:

Step 1

Translate your Core Values into competencies.

Step 2

Break these competencies into observable behaviors.

Step 3

Get buy-in from senior leaders and company influencers.

Step 4

Develop a measurement system to track progress.
Activate Your Core Values

Register to learn how to:

Provide managers with a guide for incorporating values into feedback conversations with direct reports

Inform your talent management decisions with data on employee alignment to the values

Incorporate alignment to values into performance management processes

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